BV Creative Plus- Maryland State Police Alumni Association- BW Unlimted

What an Honor to Be asked again for the second year to design Artwork to be used for the Maryland State Police Alumni Association. Working with my Good Friend #georgewooden of #bwunlimited, we created a fresh new look for the 2018 Campaign. Truly one of the most successful Charity Fundraising events In Maryland Last Year. George at BWunlimited sets the bar high for me with every project!


I had the pleasure of working with my Old Friend Mike Meiches of the Advertising Softball World Series. We have been creating an ongoing series of On Line images and ads to draw attention to the Tournament and the Brand which is now in its 35th year.  Below are a few of the 50 plus Ads created which have been running on various social media outlets since January 2017...

Scratch Off Campaign for Capital Forest!

I just completed a new campaign for my friend meredith at Capital Forest. I got the call with a unique request...She asked me, do you know when you get off a scratch off lottery ticket and they are designed, over the top, almost "cheesy looking". I told her I did...and laughed. She wanted that for a 6 week campaign where every week a new vendor would be scratched and exposed.

Very unique concept for advertising.

Below are a couple variations of the images at stages of scratch off.

BV CREATIVE PLUS- AD DESIGN for Capital Forest Products

Starting off 2017 with a bang! My friend Meredith from Capital Forest PRoducts called me in a bit of a jam.


She had an ad designed internally from one of their offices and was not happy with the results. She called me at 9am, and needed it done by 12. She sent me the info the images, and I designed an 8.5 x 11 inch ad, ready to go to press, delivered at 1:45...fifteen minutes early.

I have been working for Capital for well over ten years, we have the type of relationship that if they are in a jam, they know they can count on me. 



Calvert Brewing- Tap Handles BV CREATIVE PLUS

Just finishing up a unique and wonderful opportunity to work with Calvert Brewing Company on their new Tap Handles.  7 designs for their year round favorites! I am also working with Joe McGee at Advantage signs on this project. The designs will be printed on plastic and then glued to a magnet which makes the taps interchangable!

BW UNLIMITED- Maryland State Police Alumni Association- BV Creative Plus

I had the pleasure of working again with my Good Friend George from BW Unlimited on a very Special project...Design Event flyers for the Maryland State Police Alumni Association in an effort to help raise funds for our Troopers!

I designed a Main event flyer, A save the date flyer, Facebook and other Social Media marketing tools. A Ticket for Purchase and the over all brand for 2017.


If you have a moment, please check out George Woodens Website at He is doing tremendous things for charities all over our country!

Angels Fastpitch- Elkton Maryland- BV Creative PLUS!

My love for the game of FASTPITCH SOFTBALL CONTINUES! I have been given the opportunity to update , design and produce a BRAND NEW WEBSITE for the Angels Fastpitch Organization out of Elkton Maryland.

Fully functional, true cross platform from Desktop, smart phone and tablet...this new site allows coaches from colleges to to quickly navigate from player to player RIGHT ON THE FIELD while the girls are playing their showcase games.


Please take a moment and check out their NEW WEBSITE! CLICK HERE TO VISIT

Diesel Hotties! A fun project

When Karen from Diesel Hotties contacted me, I was immediately intrigued! I did a quick look around and saw great potential. These folks produce a calender featuring diesel trucks and lovely young ladies...ITS A WIN WIN.

They needed a LOOK... A LOGO...something to work as a foundation.

I set to work to come up with a brand for them. The end result was a great outcome I love working with clients that let me be creative and do what I do. Keep an eye on Diesel Hotties.

NEW WEBSITE- Maryland Legends- Rising Sun

After Initially doing two web sites for my Friend Ed Lynch of the Maryland Legends almost five years ago, His Organization has grown to over ten teams featuring both male and female student athletes wish to continue towards their future college careers and scholarship opportunities.

Ed will tell you himself, he is not much of a “computer guy” but he realized in order to grow he had to make adjustments. I just launched his new web site which to be honest, is missing a little bit of content. He has team administrators who I trained how to mange their own content and add it as it comes in from parents and players.

The new web site is sleek, mobile and tablets friendly which is important for coach who may want to few a potential recruits information on their phone while watching the showcase game at hand.

If you have a moment, please visit the new site by clicking the link below

New T-Shirt design for Blood Therapy Broadheads!

Jerod and Justin from Blood Therapy Broadheads contacted me in late summer with an idea. They wanted an old school jack daniels look to create a Tshirt for brand awareness.

After a few rounds of tweaking and suggestions, this is the end result!

In my opinion, its perfect for any occasion!

Calvert Brewing Company- Maple Milk Stout

I was contacted with a rather "hot item" that needed to get designed and printed PRONTO for #calvertbrewingcompany. They are selling their maple Milk Stout in Maryland Area #buffalowildwings for the fall of 2016. As of late, their beer has been distributed in Cans, this project we needed BOTTLES.


Have no fear, I will get it done. 2 days later.... a brand new custom label exclusive to #bdubs! 

Side note, this Beer is incredible, if you happen to see it...BUY ONE! #outstanding

Maryland Legends - Facelift

It has been a long journey with my friends at the Maryland Legends Baseball and Softball Organization. I originally design 2 web sites for them about 5 years ago. Since that time they have grown in size and managing many more teams and student athletes. 

Ed Lynch approached me with a hurdle, how can we get everything under one roof and make it easier to manage and update. My solution, a brand new web site which is both Mobile and tablet friendly. Much easier to update and add content then previously. We were happy with the brand look established years ago, it just needed to be restructured and polished. The new web site is set to be launch by late September.


Here are a few samples of the new look for social media. Stay tuned for a new website annoucement.

A & W Nature Labs Rework- Facelift Web Site

 i have been working on a redesign for my Friends at A & W Nature Labs. I designed their previous website as they were starting up as a new coming making Minerals and attractants for deer. They really have a great scientific background and are simply applying it to their quality products. The new Site features a full ecomerce portion and will be Mobile and Tablet friendly.

The Site is due to launch SOON!

I would like to share a few of the banners and elements i have designed for the new site!

The Steps of a Photo retouching assignment

I got a call today from my friend Jessie at Whithner, with colleges getting ramped up, they need a little help with some photo retouching. Below I have the 6 basic steps I went through to accomplish the final artwork which will be an acrylic print about 30" x 40".

I did not use any filters with this project. Its all layer work, and hand rendered masks.

I hand drew with a wacom tablet the area that needed to be isolated.

I duplicated the bottom layer...added color variations.

 I duplicated the layer again, blurred it by eye and darkened the whole image.

I then used the mask to create a feathered area of warm, unblurred main area.

I duplicated the layer one more time, trimmed out the original isolated area...the end result is an etherial glow around the players.

Some final tweaking and some edge and deliver. I cant wait to se them installed at Johns Hopkins University!