Please take a moment and read what friends have to say about working with BV Plus.

I sincerely invite you to communicate with anyone I have worked with in the past 25 years. Since my days of graduation from college, my commitment to a job well done has gone unblemished. I work hard because I LOVE WHAT I DO. My clients can back that up. Read what they say and ask them about their thoughts. My ultimate goal is a solid relationships with a few families that wish to succeed together. I stand by my word and my work. 

"Ridiculously Fantastic Job!"

I have worked with BV PLUS aka Bob Lynch going on a decade. I  cannot give a higher recommendation to anyone considering any type of graphic assistance. Every project I turn over to him come back with more then I anticipated. He thinks outside the box and understands what my clients want to see. More so, Bob has been a consult to any marketing effort we make. His insight is second only to his incredible design ability. Our working relationship has been a long and prosperous one and I look forward to our future. Do yourself a favor and hire him! Email me directly if you have any questions regarding Bob and BV Plus!

George Wooden ~ President and CEO BWUnlimited

"Bob makes the job FUN!"

Being in the advertising and marketing business for over 30 years, I have to say it is a pleasant and unique experience working with Bob. We have had the pleasure of working on many campaigns and different projects over the years. I may only call him a few times a year but I know what to expect, a true adventure. Bob always thinks outside the box, builds on our ideas and makes them come to life. Talent that exceeds all human expectancies while firmly rooted in great service and commitment to the craft, Bob comes through every time. All the while he makes it fun, and that ultimately is what marketing should be about.  I highly recommend you speaking to him for your next marketing venture.

Jim Naylor ~ Pro Tem Marketing

"Great Working with Him"

I originally contacted Bob to get a logo design...which he did to perfection! We were so happy, but he then educated us on what we needed to do. We did not understand social media,  he was patient and worked with us to evolve and actually understanding why we needed a web presence. What started out as a one time job, became years of working with a man who understood and did everything we needed. I insist you give him a call.

Don Schram ~ Scottsdale Improvements

"You found the right person"

I have known Bob Personally for years. Recently I was involved with a ground up effort to start a new Craft Beer business in Maryland. We had some initial ideas but were basically spinning our wheels with our marketing efforts until Bob got involved. We invited him to our internal meeting, he came prepared, discussed options along with short and long term plans for marketing material. A short while later we found ourselves off to the races with a full website, brand and social media. Since that initial effort Bob has designed all our labels, cans, bottles, packaging and we have even enlisted his help with the exterior and interior of our brewery in Prince Frederick. The creative level with Bob only stops when we did not challenge him to design something better every time. We call him when we want to get anything done because the work is highly professional and done properly and completed well within budget. 

Ken Gerhart ~ Owner Calvert Brewing Company

"Bob is THE MAN!"

We have known Mr Bob for Years! I can not tell you how talented he is, he is AMAZING! He has helped my Father, who is the owner of two Businesses, Excel Fencing/Decking and Excel Roofing. Mr Bob has stuck with my father and helped him not only figure out and design his logo, website and all his printed material, he has stuck by him and my family. He has been working with my Dad for about 8 years now and I have watched how things have gotten so much better. Did I tell you how Funny Mr Bob is? Do yourself a favor and CALL BOB...he will help you, I promise. 

Katie Weimer ~ Friend and Daughter of Excel

"I am so proud of my Dad!"

When my Dad asked me for a recommendation for his website, I really was confused as to what he wanted me to write. He told me, "Jenny, just be honest, tell everyone about me." So I will be honest, My Dad is the hardest working person I know. Ever since I was little, he has been in front of his computer. He works all the time. Still he always found time for me, he would talk to me, and tell me about family and how important it is to work when you need to work but be with the family because it is the most important thing. He always told me, "do what you love in life, be passionate about it, you only get one chance. " My Dad is the funniest guy I know and I am amazed at the things he shows me that he has done. To know him in person and be his daughter is something I will always treasure. I can not recommend anyone else to help you with what ever it is you need done because he always gets it done.

Jenny Lynch ~ Daughter