How does all of this work?

This is such a complex question as every client offers new challenges. Lets be honest, if we are in business, we are trying to be successful and make a living. This always comes down to "How much will this cost me?" I can appreciate that question and I can answer very simply, CALL ME DIRECTLY...I need to find out what it is you want to do and where your ultimate goals are. I base most of my prices on the time it takes me to complete it. I welcome you to read below to further explanation but ultimately, for us to work together, we need to have a short chat. I have 25 years of experience with pricing jobs and the one thing I tell everyone is I do not give surprise invoices. In order for me to give you a fair estimate, I need to know what it is and where you plan to be with your business. I am as flexible as I possibly can be with budgets. I understand that sometimes as a start up business or maybe trying to make it to the next plateau is difficult and MONEY is always a hurdle. I am looking for long term investments with GOOD CLIENTS who are GOOD PEOPLE. If your successful with your marketing efforts, then in turn you need more work created, so we both win. My goal is to make you succeed! with your success, thus comes mine. I can not think about how to possibly be more honest with my methodology then that statement. Call me today, tell me what your thinking, and I will make it happen.

How Much Does it cost!

I do not know how much something costs, until I find out what it is that you want done. One of the most common questions I get is, "how much is a website" my response typically is "what kind of website do you want?" My costs are based on my time spent. Generally, my time for design is $90 an hour. I do not run a time clock, I estimate how long something will take and provide you with a fair estimate. A website, for example may only have 5-7 pages, so that price may be $700-$900 where as a more complex website with 15 or more pages might be $1500 or more. There are various hosting and domain fees which are paid directly to the service provider and that price can vary from $9-$25 a month depending on what kind of website you want.

The good news is, there are many "FREE" services on the internet that you can take advantage of. I simply educate you on how to take advantage of them and use them. Social media is the ticket for may promotional efforts. All can be signed up for and used on your own, however, I can tie everything in and educate you on how to use them properly.

How long does it take?

This is another question that is difficult to answer and it all depend on how complex your project is. A logo project for example, may take 5 rounds of development with a ten day turn around. Depending on how quickly you get back to me, it could be longer or shorter. Typically I respond with revised designs and roughs within a 24 hour period. A website is unique by its complexity. Typically a website is 3-4 weeks for a turn around. A design print project, you have to consider the design process plus the printing process is added together. It may take a combined 10 day period to complete and deliver. In a pinch I am available for rush turn-arounds, but for the very best work, I appreciate a comfortable time period.

Do you have a contract and what are your terms?

I do not have a contract. After I discover what the project potentially can be, I send you what I term as 'a scope of work'. It outlines, costs, turnaround times,expenses, expectations, basic common sense information. Typically for first time clients, I require a 1/3 deposit to begin a project. The balance will be due on delivery. Once our working relationship evolves, I can be much more flexible with these terms. This scope of work is emailed to you in PDF format and we simply agree via email before starting any project. I refer to it as a basic understanding of our discussion. My deposit covers time invested in initial roughs, designs and presentations. I always give every client the opportunity to kill the project at that initial stage. The deposit however is retained by me to cover my time. If you need more specifics, I welcome you to call me directly and I would be happy to explain. I also would be willing to consider an P.O. or contracts you wish for me to review. I have always found it is best to discuss the business details up-front, get it out of the way  and then focus on the creative production.

How do we start?

After contact, I enter into the "discover process". This can take place via phone call or a personal meeting at a mutual location. I am interested in making long term relationships with my clients. I always try and meet for a cup of coffee or lunch to discuss the potential. I take notes, we get to know each other and decide to proceed forward. I then present you with a scope of work with business details delivered as a PDF format.

The design process can vary. Typically I start with very rough ideas sent to you via PDF. We discuss what is good, what is bad and discover a direction to head. I then develop the project through various rounds after that. Once a design is completed and you are 100% happy, I deliver the production files for your records. I then proceed with the production of the pieces, be it a website, banner, business card, brochure etc.

I try my very best to make it as positive and free flowing as possible. Understandably as a business owner, you can get busy. I am as flexible as I can be, but I can only be effective if you communicate feedback to me. I refer to the process much like a baton race....I hand it off to you, then hand it off back to me...WE WORK TOGETHER to accomplish your goals.

Finally, in the case of websites, I actually meet with you to discuss how to manage and update your new website. I have final meetings of delivery for printed material or deliver them via UPS or FED- EX. Follow up and making sure you are satisfied is my priority. 

How is payment made?

Typically I prefer to send you an invoice via PAYPAL. You are able to pay with any check or credit card. I will except a business check as well. I try to be as flexible as I can with payments and terms. I will tell you what I wish and you tell me what you can do, the goal is to make it convenient. I never ask anyone to spend a single dollar if they don't expect to make profit on their end.

This is overwhelming and I am confused...

I understand completely. I welcome you to contact me directly if I can clarify anything for you. I pride myself on making your marketing efforts easy. It is much like going directly to the 'Cow for your milk'. I am not an advertising agency. I am not a marketing firm. I am the person those companies would hire and mark up their services and then deliver to you. I am the creative designer, the manger, the sales associate and the production manger all under one roof. I have a long term track record of providing excellent service and products. I invite you to read my testimonials section and I welcome you to contact anyone I have ever worked with. My commitment to a job well done and my clients success is second to none.  I will show you how to make all your marketing efforts come to fruition.

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